What's Driving Your Business?


My goal is pretty simple, help you grow your business 33-250% in the next 12 months. Click The button below to get started.

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Boost Engagement

Helping you setup an email marketing campaign that will understand the behavior of your prospects to give them the content they are most likely to engage with so you get more clients. 

Conversion Optimization

Make sure the visitors to your website aren’t lost. Finding more ways to capture visitors and turn them into raging fans. Moving through the entire sales funnel strategically.

Strategic Coaching

Many clients choose to work with me directly on a weekly basis to make sure they are hitting their goals for growth. This can happen on Skype, or in person if you’re local.

Business Map

Make sure you know where your business is going, but stay agile to market conditions, competition, trends, and potential advantages. 

Sales & Marketing Audits

Need to see how you stack up to the competition, what their weaknesses are, and how to leverage more sales? You’ll end up with an implementation that will boost profitability and sales.

Scaling Your Business

Automate your ads/marketing, and even the entire sales process depending on your business. If you’re in a service based business this can mean leads or even sales while you sleep.

“As a business owner I reached a point where I had plateaued, sales had slumped and I knew that I needed help. Marketing on the internet was new to me. Social media, analytics, content creation, and copywriting were the things that I was struggling with, that’s when I met Blake Rogers.
What impressed me first was how easily Blake understood my business, and how his headline and copy suggestions began to have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of my facebook advertising campaigns. Over time I found that it’s easy to talk to Blake because he gets it, he’s been there and done that. Blake taught me sound marketing strategy and sales funnel tactics that have helped me break through the barriers that were holding my business back.
Novel Strategy and Blake Rogers will continue to be part of the value driven formula for building my business into the distant future.”

Jon C

3 Ways To Grow Your Business

Everything you do comes down to these 3 items.

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