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Consulting with businesses for 10 years, with focus on business growth, sales, and marketing. Implementing and/or improving sales funnels, marketing, and ad campaigns; as well as other organization activities. After studying human behavior for years, sales funnels became more effective, but really found a passion for helping people in all areas of life. Trusted business adviser, and leadership coach, to really get business owners to the next level.

One step ahead of the competition
Jun 27

One Step Ahead of Competition

By Blake | Business , Marketing

What does it take to stay one step ahead of the competition? Marketing and advertising has changed so much in the past 5 years that many businesses are struggling to keep up with trends. Despite this, there’s a simple strategy when it comes to thinking about staying one step ahead of the competition. The 3 […]

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Dec 02

Increase Profits 33%

By Blake | Business , Video

How To Increase Profits 33%While to some people it may seem like it would take a long time to increase profits by 33%, the reality is… it’s really simple. In the last video I talked about the 3 ways to grow your business​ (click here for that video). This video focuses more on the actual […]

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